Studio 45 is a bright, spacious, friendly gallery and exhibition space with our roots and soul based firmly in the creative heart of Brighton on the U.K’s south coast. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting local artists, designers, & makers from various disciplines
Still relatively young at four years old, Studio 45 has firmly established itself as a fiercely independent bastion of artistic freedom and integrity, building strong bonds and relationships with our amazing artists and patrons alike.
The Studio 45 family share the same ethos when it comes to their shared passion for the arts, and the art they love. As founder Steve Manser-Knight puts it: “Whether it’s bold, brash, and self-taught or finely detailed, highly skilled, schooled and practised, if it’s honest and from the heart, great art will always shine through and speak to you…and you believe in it. That’s the kind of art we’re privileged to sell here”.
We currently represent a number of emerging young artists specialising in a variety of genres including outsider art, pop art, graffiti, street art, illustration, and classic.

We are now live on artsy.netArtsy is a free online platform for collecting and discovering art. Artsy’s search engine and database draw connections and map relationships among works of art. Led by Carter Cleveland, computer science graduate from Princeton, and Sebastian Cwilich, the former executive of Christie’s and Haunch of Venison director, Artsy aims to expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world.

Follow Studio45 and the artists we work with here > artsy.net

Our artists on artsy: Iva Troj, Seiko Kato, Parky, and Oliver Redding